Smart Automobile Management (SAM) is a combination of hardware & software where hardware gets installed in vehicle and connects vehicle to mobile, through internet. Vehicle security and vehicle performance are the two important concerns of every vehicle owner.

What is Smart Automobile Management

 SAM deals with both – vehicle security and vehicle performance. SAM send alert messages and push notifications on mobile, for entry and exit of vehicle in an area, and helps manage the performance through its daily statistic graphs. All this on a mobile app, which also can be used to switch-off or switch-on the engine, from anywhere.

Vehicle Security

There are infinite ways a vehicle can get harmed. SAM helps you keep a 24×7 check on vehicle and sends message and free push notifications in case of threats defined by owner. With a basic feature of GPS location tracking, it also allows user to define safe-zone areas and send alerts in case of safe-zone violation. User can mark their home, office or any place as safe-zone to get notified on vehicle entry and exit. This technology is known as Geo-Fence, which basically means defining a boundary on map.

Vehicle theft is the most threatening situation that can be taken into control by Switching Off the engine with just a single swipe( or single click) on mobile app. This makes SAM the most unique and advance system of all time, and give a pure edge over every current GPS tracking system existing in the world of ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT).

Vehicle Performance

Performance of a vehicle is important for an individual owner, but is at high risk when a third person is driving. Every small or large business owner is making effort to cut down the cost and increase the profits that majorly depends on the driving skills of driver, and performance of vehicle. SAM is a GPS tracking tool that a business can use to keep a check on the driver performance.

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SAM gives daily figures of Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed. This give owner an idea of the target that can be achieved and by how much the daily profits are going into veins due to driver performance issues. Data representation in SAM makes it easier for user to analyze things better and smarter.

Security and Performance Together

Another advance feature of SAM keeps vehicle safe and can increase the productivity in business. Daily-history video of vehicle shows full day travel history of vehicle in just 20 seconds. This gives the path that vehicle followed on map, and the address of every location with time-stamp. Time-stamp shows the time of the day when vehicle was present at a particular place. Daily-history video can be seen for any back date. Just select the date and playback history.

Many business owners are worried about the places where drivers go and the time for which they stop. SAM shows the top 5 stoppages of the day and help owner be aware of the major time being spent with no productivity.

How is SAM Different

  • SAM is compatible with all vehicles – Car, Bike, Truck, Bus, Rickshaw etc.
  • Simple user interface of SAM makes it easy to use mobile app features.
  • Design language in SAM is intuitive for users, who are friendly with current generation apps like Flipkart, Amazon, BookmyShow, etc.
  • With a single login account, a vehicle can be tracked on multiple devices, just like Facebook.
  • Engine can be switched-Off or switched-On using the mobile app, which is password protected by owner only.
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Fixed Cost and Subscription Pricing for SAM

There are two costs involved for SAM. One is a fixed cost of hardware and second is subscription charges. Subscription charges are just like the mobile network provider like Airtel or Vodafone, but is very low. Once can even call it cheap enough to be afforded by anyone who owns a motorcycle or a person earning 20,000/ month.

  1. Hardware cost:One-time fixed cost of INR 4000/- with 2 years hardware warranty.
  2. Software cost:There are three subscriptions available:
    • 7 days subscription – INR 100/-
    • 4 months subscription – INR 500/-
    • 12 months subscription – INR 1000/-

Box of Purchase

There is a fixed procedure to get SAM installed in a vehicle and start using it on mobile app.

  1. Device – To be installed in the vehicle
  2. SIM card – To be inserted in device for cloud connectivity
  3. Subscription code – To be used in app for connecting with device
  4. Warranty Card – To be kept safe for free on-site replacement
  5. SAM Sticker – A mark of trust and safety


SAM is a must to have security solution for every vehicle. With its safe-zone notification for both entry and exit one always know of important times when vehicle enters or exit that helps in theft control a Daily history video not just a security system of your vehicle but can help increase profits for commercial vehicle owners.

It is must to have device that always keeps vehicle in touch with the owner and provide ability to control the engine from anywhere.