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SAM Mini

SAM Micro

Price₹ 6990/- ₹ 5990/-₹ 4990/- ₹ 4790/-₹ 3990/- ₹ 2790/-
Live GPS tracking1 year1 year1 year
Driving history
Engine lock
Stoppages report
Overspeeding alert
Anti theft alarm
Analytics report
Free multiple logins331
History data100 days100 days50 days
Warranty12 Months12 Months9 Months
Share location
Weight96 gm26 gm50 gm

There are so many exciting features as well such as:

  • Live GPS Tracking

  • Engine On Off Acess

  • Daily History

  • Stoppages of the day

  • Overspeed Alert

  • Device Disconnect Alert

  • Low Battery Alert

  • Free Push Notifications

  • History Data

  • Analytical Graph

  • Anti Theft Mode

  • Tracking Permission

  • Refresh rate

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SAM stands for Smart Automobile Management, which is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware gets installed into a vehicle and connects the vehicle to mobile via the internet. The two major concerns raised by the vehicle owners are vehicle security and vehicle owners.

That’s how SAM GPS became the helping hand of every vehicle owner or driver by dealing with vehicle security and vehicle performance. Apart from this, SAM could also work in different sectors of work like- Schools, Offices, personal security and businesses etc. Being one of the best GPS tracking products at the market, SAM provides you with all the perks you can get from a product.

Within a span of few years, SAM GPS became one of the best-selling GPS products on Amazon India. There are innumerable benefits of using SAM GPS for your vehicles. It is used for many purposes like- School Bus tracking, Women Safety, Elderly people’s security and safety in many other forms.

Travelling, transportation and commuting for work or business purposes are one of the major reasons a person need to travel from one place to another. There is a quote which says that “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you feel richer”. So travelling was an important part of life and will always be. SAM GPS provides you with the best navigation system and services.

There are additional features like- Real-time tracking of the vehicle on your mobile phone, Vehicle performance statistics, Geofencing, Data History and Turning off the engine at the comfort of your home. In spite of being economical than other GPS systems, SAM GPS gives you the best performance in terms of vehicle security and vehicle performance.

As you have read earlier, there are innumerable benefits to owning a SAM GPS for your vehicle. Unlike others, SAM GPS is more attractive in terms of looks and performance. Being rated more than 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon adds credibility to our products and services.

Some of the basic features you can enjoy on SAM GPS are- Live Tracking, Data History and Switching off the engine at the comfort of your home through your mobile phone.

Some of the most important features of SAM GPS Trackers are-

Engine Access: With the help of SAM GPS Security tracker, you can access your engine through your mobile phone at any place of the world. This feature makes your vehicle resistive to theft and burglaries.

Safe zones: Using the mobile app of SAM GPS, you can define Safe zones on the map. For instance, entry/exit gate of offices, school, your residential society etc. could be marked as a safe zone so that whenever the vehicle passes through, you’ll get notified on the phone.

Daily History: For people who are always in need of knowing the minute details of their vehicle, the feature of watching full-day travel history is also available. This is mainly for the commercial vehicle owners as it provides full day travel history and key driving points in less than 30 seconds.

SAM GPS Pro Security Tracker is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon India with more than 90 customer reviews and 50+ answered questions. This proves that we don’t believe in the false promises of providing the best services but also one of the best products on the market.

The product costs less than ₹6000 and is also available at minimum EMI of ₹285 per month with some wonderful features. The package includes a SAM GPS Security System which is compatible with all types of vehicles. Although the engine access feature is only compatible with key start vehicles.

Apart from that, free 1-year app subscription, free 1-year SIM card data, Installation Manual, Customer Support and instant activation within 10 minutes invoice is also available.

Complimentary to these features, you can watch your vehicle's live location and full day driving history on our user-friendly mobile app. In case of suspicious activity, Anti-theft alarm and engine access could play a major role in the vehicle’s safety. Setting up safe zones for your vehicle is an added feature through which you can protect your vehicle and get instant notifications on your mobile app.

Even though the cost of SAM GPS Pro tracker is a bit more than SAM GPS Mini tracker, it has an array of features which makes it a better product to buy than others. Such as:

  • Engine Access: In SAM GPS Pro, you can lock or turn off your engine from anywhere with a single swipe on your mobile app. This feature makes it a worthy product to buy for vehicle protection from thefts and other horrific incidents.
  • Instant active within 10 minutes: The product is activated much faster than SAM GPS Mini tracker and customer support is also provided in the package.
  • Daily History: This feature enables the device to watch full day travel history and key driving points in just 20 seconds.
  • Setting up safe zones: The feature is common for both the GPS trackers yet an important aspect of Real-time tracking where you can define safe zone on the map and get notified on its entry and exit.

SAM GPS Mini Security tracker is apparently a miniature version of SAM GPS tracker which is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon India with 50+ customer reviews and 15+ answered questions. Since it is a mini version, its cost is relatively lower and you can own it at less than ₹5000. The product is also available at minimum EMI of ₹228 per month.

The package of SAM GPS Mini includes SAM GPS Security system which is compatible with all types of vehicles, 1-year app subscription, 1-year SIM card data and installation manual.

This all comes with a year Hardware warranty and lifetime support. Similar to the previous pattern, SAM GPS Mini also has a feature of watching your vehicle’s live location and full day driving history on your phone.

One of the unique selling prepositions of this product is its Anti-theft alarm and water resistance which makes it stand out from the crowd in the world of modern technology.

Apart from all other features, Data analytics such as total distance, run time, idle time, stoppage time, maximum speed and average speed of a vehicle are displayed using smart and interactive graphs. Although, setting up safe zones is common for both the devices.

SAM GPS Mini Tracker is a miniature version of SAM GPS Pro tracker with a lower cost. Although, there are few features which are common for both the trackers, yet the USPs are different for both. Such as:

  • Waterproof device with anti-theft alarm: SAM GPS Mini tracker is waterproof and gives instant notification on your phone in case of pushing/towing your vehicle, ignition or any other suspicious activity.
  • Daily History: It is a common feature for both the devices yet it is surprising that you could get almost similar features at a lower cost of price with similar quality and services.
  • Analytics: The SAM GPS Mini tracker provides you with best-in-class services and daily stats such as total distance, run time, idle time, stoppage time, maximum speed and average speed of a vehicle graphically.
  • Setting geofences and over-speed limits: Setting up safe zones and over speed limits is common for both which makes your vehicle safer to drive as it gives you all the statistics and notifications on your phone.

No two products launched under the same banner can replicate each other. Even if it does, what’s the point of launching another product? Just like every brand, SAMGPS Security also believes in providing the unique and best products to their consumers. Based on an analysis, there are few differences between SAM GPS Mini and SAM GPS Pro Trackers, such as

  • COST
    The cost plays a crucial role in the market. Although, SAM GPS Pro is a bit heavier in terms of features yet it is more costly than SAM GPS Mini which might be a concern for some buyers
  • FEATURESMost of the features are common in both the devices but additional perks like customer support and Engine access makes GPS Pro a better choice to purchase. While being a waterproof device with an anti-theft alarm, SAM GPS Mini is also a good deal.
    With the emergence of e-commerce, customer reviews and services provided to them also play a role in the sale of the product. While the ratings are almost similar for both the products, the number of reviews is different for both i.e. 90+ for Pro and 40+ for Mini. In these reviews, SAM GPS Pro is rated 4.8 while Mini is rated 4.6 which shows that a huge number of people prefers Pro over Mini.

SAM GPS provides a high-quality mobile android app which makes it easier to track your vehicle, monitor its performance, and notify you in case of any suspicious activity and much more.

In the same app, multiple vehicles can be tracked on a single mobile dashboard. Though SAM GPS security system can be installed at any hidden portion of the vehicle, a person can track his vehicles with a single login.

Basic features that SAM GPS Tracker Mobile app will provide are- Tracking your vehicle, Locking your engine, Watching Driving History, Instant notifications, Setting up your safe zones and speed limits and anti-theft alarm.

American educator Shoshana Zuboff said that “Technology makes the world a new place.” In recent years, everybody can observe the changes created by the technology and how it became a necessity for the survival of every citizen.

The technology not only brings changes in the lives of civilians but also it has revolutionized the concept of business by bringing advantages and opportunities for the people. A minute change in the technological sector affects how a company will do their business.

In this article, we’ll learn about how SAM GPS is one of the best choices which could help you out in various businesses. The business is not only about selling your products at a higher margin but also about the quality of service you’re providing to your client.

Most of the people believe in earning huge profits without providing a quality service to their customers which somehow affects their business in other terms.

Being rated by Amazon as one of the leading brands in GPS trackers, SAM GPS security has a vision of creating revolutionary products which will change the business and society in a different way. Even though, the list of products to be launched is never-ending.

It includes products for the welfare of Schools, Cab Services, Logistics and Operations Management, Delivery services, Employee management and many more. Let’s talk about how you’re going to witness a technological revolution in next few years.

The term perk is different for everybody around the globe. A perk for me could be a disadvantage for somebody else, but somehow it all depends on your ability to think and your attitude towards life.

As per societal norms, going to school regularly is one of the most important parts in a student’s life but in a country with a population of more than 130 crores, a parent can never be satisfied with the security of his or her child.

You might have read cases of kidnapping, exploitation or hijacking of school buses by goons and criminals in some areas of the country. Child trafficking is one of the serious concerns of our country.

According to the report by the National Human Rights Commission in India, around 40,000 children are kidnapped each year. Out of which, 11,000 remain lost. This is the reason why we’re lacking behind in the security department of our county at different levels.

School Bus is a public transport, thus a prime target for goons, criminals, and terrorists. The installation of SAM GPS not only provides them with the best-in-class services but also high-quality security which ensures the safety of the bus.

Features like- an instant notification to a parent if the bus stops somewhere and on arrival and departure of the bus.

Apart from the basic security features, SAM GPS provides performance tracking, real-time location tracking and engine locking system which ensures the security of the vehicle in case of incidents such as- intense traffic jam, over-speeding, and theft or robbery.

In the current scenario, taxi-cabs are cheaper and one of the best ways to commute from one place to another. With the presence of mobile apps like- Meru, Ola and Uber, the impact of GPS on transportation are easily visible.

In most of the metropolitan cities, people prefer Taxi-cabs instead of a public transport. Thus, we can also say that Taxi-driving is one of the emerging employment sectors in our nation.

You might have heard cases of people being robbed, raped or killed inside the taxi-cabs. These types of incidents not only scare the masses but also make people believe the notion that most of the taxi-cab drivers are potential criminals.

With the installation of SAM GPS security in their vehicles, we want to bridge the gaps between the user and the drivers.

Apart from that, you might have seen that most of the cab drivers drive rashly which scares their passengers and eventually causes a loss to that Taxi Services owner or the company.

SAM GPS provides crucial features such as performance tracking, real-time location and turning off the engine in case of a suspicious activity. We provide you not only with the best-in-class security but also ensures your safety on the road.

The literal meaning of logistics is the act of organizing the movement, equipment, and accommodation of troops. The impact created by GPS Security in the sector of Logistics is immeasurable.

It is an undeniable fact that GPS played a big role in the transformation of the industry, providing efficient tools needed to meet the demands of customers. Tracking is the most common and important feature provided by a GPS system.

In the logistics industry, tracking can provide information essential to fleet management such as if the driver has completed his ride or delivery task, the time or estimated time of completion, the location, speed etc. With GPS tracking for the logistics industry, we get aware of the movements of the fleet at any given time.

As the leader of GPS tracking systems, SAM GPS Security with a vision of revolutionizing the technology has many aspects and features which could change the way we do things in logistics.

In fleet management, SAM GPS planned to introduce such technology which could allow the two-way communication between the management and the fleet.

With the help of tracking, you can identify the vehicles that are fuel inefficient and make your environment green. The best thing about SAM GPS tracking is that the data is generated automatically with accuracy.

In general terms, delivery service organizations are always in a need of good organization, planning and correct execution in order to provide a better, efficient, secure and quick delivery of various packages to their destination.

There’s no doubt that SAM GPS Security System will not only be helpful for a company in terms of services but could also act as a catalyst to expand their businesses.

The idea of a GPS system not only evolved the technology of the country but also the brain of the citizens who are more tech-savvy than the previous generation. There are innumerable benefits of GPS to the people who are associated with delivery services.

Some benefits are direct while some are indirect. For instance, Companies do face false allegations from false customers which eventually damage their market reputation. SAM GPS tracker could help the company to counter those false allegations by providing the details of their vehicle’s location.

We cannot deny the fact that technology has not just changed the way of life but also became an essential part of life. There are numerous organizations which are serving their customers through phone by providing them delivery services at lower costs.

Delivery services are not only restricted to Restaurant Foods but things like- Grocery, Electronic Items, Clothes and Medication are also available to a huge amount of people.

In other words, we can also say that GPS is an essential component of every business. From a small-scale shopkeeper to a big-factory owner, it is an effective substitute of supervision.

The emergence of GPS in the business industry will not only be helpful for the owners or sellers but also for the buyers or clients as it will give them the best-in-class services. From a seller’s perspective, SAM GPS tracker could even help you out in combating a small-scale corruption by employees.

There could be numerous reasons to buy SAM GPS tracker for your organizations like- Real-time alerts, Driver and Vehicle Security, Customer satisfaction, Reduced Fuel consumptions and combating fake customer acclaims.

Key features such as- Live location, Engine locking system (in case of suspicious activity) and an Anti-theft alarm will provide you with an edge over others in terms of security and services.

Earlier, there was a notion that tracking employees is not a good activity as it breaches their personal life. But practically, it is not unethical to keep a check on something you’re investing regularly. Thus, it gives the employer a right to know the location of his employee or company’s vehicle for security purposes.

For many years, employers have been able to track their employee’s field or mobile locations through GPS devices in vehicles. There are many benefits of SAM GPS tracker in managing your employees provided it is being done legally and with the agreement of the employee.

Some of the benefits that an employer can enjoy with the use of GPS tracker are-

  • Increased efficiency through shortest route travel for deliveries or other tasks.
  • Supervising the work hours of the workers.
  • To check whether mobile workers are driving safe or over speeding or violating any other traffic law.
  • Verifying the accuracy of work done by the person by time records and data history.

The above four points justify the fact that SAM GPS could act as a vital component in managing employees of every organization. To stand out from the crowd, SAM GPS tracker is a top-ranked product by Amazon which provides many features at a lower cost and finest services.

If you see the condition of metro cities and their adjoining regions in India, you’ll note that some of the people who are not able to satisfy their financial needs are either involved in the Car thefts and robberies or smuggling of spare parts of the vehicles.

In such situations, you can never feel secure about your vehicle and that’s why SAM security gives you a set of features at a feasible cost.

For instance, if a robber is trying to steal your car or you feel suspicious, you’ll get a notification on your phone which will eventually help you in turning off your engine instantly by a click on your phone.

According to a data of 2018, an average of 110-120 vehicles is stolen every day in the national capital. Out of which only 8% case gets solved by the police. The data is strong enough to scare any common man. Around 40,000 cases vehicle-theft cases were registered in 2017 which signifies a need for better personal and vehicle security in India.

In addition to that, it gives additional features such as live tracking and performance tracking which helps in finding the exact location of your vehicle and also enhances the security.

Vehicle Security is one of the most important aspects of today’s world. Thousands of vehicles get stolen and destroyed in our country every year. In metropolitan cities of India, Car theft is so common that it can even be acknowledged as a business which is illegal and unrecognized.

SAM GPS is one of the leading brands in navigation and personal security in Vehicles is getting better every moment. Apart from being in the top three best-sellers on Amazon, SAM provides you with one of the best techniques and services that protect your vehicle from theft and exploitation.

Vehicle Security is not as simple as it looks. Even though the concept of security is similar to personal security like locks, guards or alarm systems but securing a vehicle is a difficult task. In the generation, where things are getting better every moment, your GPS system also needs to get upgraded time by time.

In this article, we’ll not only talk about SAM GPS Security but also about how and why these products are the face of the next generation? There are plenty of reasons why your vehicle needs SAM GPS security and why you should buy it? But, do you really need a GPS security for your vehicle?

Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon India, which is the e-commerce giant of the country. SAM GPS had proven his worth not only by its innovative technology but also by the services provided to the clients. SAM manufactures three types of GPS trackers i.e. Micro, Mini and Pro which could be used in Cars, Bikes, Trucks and Buses.

The USP of SAM GPS is its additional features such as Anti-Theft Alarm and Engine-Locking Technique at a feasible rate.

India is not only a country with a huge population but a global market leader in two wheeler vehicles which includes Bikes, Scooters and Mopeds. In the year 2017-18, around 20 million two-wheelers were sold to the domestic customers, making it the most popular vehicle category to sell in India.

Road trips are one of the best ways to spend time with friends and colleagues and a road trip to Ladakh or any Hilly area is a dream come true for many young and aspiring travellers. SAM GPS Security ensures that you enjoy your ride with better security and without the fear of being lost.

Unlike Google Maps, an installed SAM GPS system on your bike would be a better choice because of better connectivity and facilities. With the help of SAM GPS security system, you can track the speed of your vehicle and other performance statistics on your phone screen; you can turn off the engine in a suspicious situation with a click on your phone’s app.

Apart from these features, SAM not only provides the best devices but also the best-in-class services which make them stand out from the crowd.

Truck driving may not sound like a lucrative year to many people. But, the fact is that it is one of the high paying careers in the United States of America. The median salary of a truck driver lies in a range of $40,000 to $70,000 by some organizations, which lies somewhere between 28 lakhs Indian rupees to 52 lakh Indian rupees per year.

As India is growing industrially, there is a scope that Commercial Truck Drivers will get few benefits as well. Trucks are generally used for carrying goods, import, export and many things. Truck accidents are one of the most occurring incidents in India.

A heavy commercial truck that is used for carrying goods generally cost around 20 lakhs Indian rupees which are expensive for any civilian.

That’s why the security of the trucks is a major issue for many buyers and drivers. Since trucks are expensive; the cost of spare parts of any truck is also unfeasible for many people. Losing or damaging a vehicle which costs more than your monthly salary is not at all good for anyone.

SAM GPS Security doesn’t only provide you with the best-in-class services but also a Navigation system which tracks the speed of your vehicle, real-time location of your vehicle, notifies you in case of any theft or suspicious activity and gives you an eternal peace of mind for your vehicle.

Since 2008, Electronic rickshaws aka E-rickshaws are emerging as the best alternative to pulled and auto rickshaws. Few of the major reasons why E-rickshaws are better than any other rickshaw are- low fuel cost, zero air pollution and less human effort compared to pulled rickshaws.

Earlier, e-rickshaws were not registered by the Transport Department. In the year 2014, e-rickshaws in Delhi were banned because of security reasons. However, they were later regularized by the municipal corporations by taking a fee of 100 Indian rupees for registration.

Now, the population of E-rickshaws in Delhi is more than 50,000 and is growing every day because of lack of employment.

The bigger concern of E-rickshaws was security, navigation and tracking. Since an E-rickshaw is not a closed vehicle like a Car or Truck, the chances of getting robbed are easier as compared to others.

Here’s where, SAM GPS plays an important role by providing features such as tracking the vehicle’s location and distance, Anti-theft alarm and locking the engine in any suspicious activity which makes it a great choice for E-rickshaw owners.

JCB aka J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited was a company founded by a British Businessman Joseph Cyril Bamford in the year 1945 which eventually became a trademark company for Excavators and mechanical diggers.

Perhaps, this is the reason why JCB became a word which is used for mechanical diggers and excavators in various parts of the world.

JCB excavators are not only huge in size but also their prices are really high. In case of a lost or robbed vehicle, it causes a huge financial loss to the owner. Driving a JCB is a difficult task, thus the GPS navigation system helps in the mobility of the vehicle.

SAM GPS security is one of the best navigation systems that JCB owners can use for the betterment of their vehicle. It doesn’t not only provides you with real-time tracking, speed tracking and anti-theft but also with an engine locking system at the comfort of your home in case of any strange activity.

A fleet generally means a group of ships under a common ownership but here, the term Fleet is used for a group of vehicles used for work purpose. Fleet management is the management of commercial motor vehicles for work purposes. It includes vehicle such as cars, trucks vans, ships etc. Aviation machinery such as Helicopters and Airplanes are also a part of it.

So, you cannot deny the fact that fleet management is one of the active components of transportation. Managing a group is one of the most difficult tasks for anybody. In fleet management, GPS plays the role of tracking component for the owner. With the help of GPS, an owner can easily track the live-location, speed and distance of his vehicles.

Each vehicle of a fleet means huge revenue for the owner. Losing one such vehicle will not only affect his business but also his mental condition. SAM GPS plays an important role in the sector of fleet management by providing the top-notch services, performance tracking, regular notifications and remote engine access at the comfort of your home.

Since the vehicles of a fleet are used for commercial purposes. That’s why real-time tracking gives the owner an upper hand as he can know whether the vehicle is running too fast, too slow or stationary. Being one the best GPS in the market, SAM would be the choice for all the purposes.