What is GPRS? GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Services which is most commonly used wireless data service and is nearly available with all kinds of cellular networks. Earlier, the older versions were relying on 2G Cellular networks but as time went by it now relies mostly on 3G technologies

It enables cellular devices to perform important functions such as Internet surfing and multimedia is messaging service (MMS). This packet-based wireless communication service generally promises data rates from 56 kbps to 114 kbps for mobile phones as well as computer users.

Theoretically, packet-based services of GPRS are more economical than circuit-switched services as communication channels are being shared rather than dedicated to a single user at a time.

There are varied benefits that can be offered by GPRS tracking like- a g vehicle tracking system only uses the data network when data is being transmitted. Thus, charges are only applied to the actual usage.

As the availability of GPRS has increased along with 2G or 3G services, the private network over wireless became continuously accessible for mobile users of virtual private networks (VPNs) rather than through a rooted dial-up connection.

GPRS acts as a complimentary feature for Bluetooth which is also considered as a standard for replacing wireless connection between devices with the radio connection. Apart from Internet protocol (IP), a packet-based protocol that is predominantly used in Europe X.25, is also supported by GPRS.

From all aspects of technology, we can presume that GPRS is an evolutionary move towards Enhanced Data GSM Environment (EDGE) and Universal Mobile Telephone Service (UMTS).

What are GPRS Vehicle Tracking Devices?

GPRS, a most commonly used wireless data service which is nearly available for every GSM (Global SIM for Mobile Communication) or Cellular networks. These networks are utilized by GPRS Vehicle Tracking device to communicate information through the internet.

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Some basic services offered by GPRS with the extension of GSM Packet Circuit Switched Data are:

  • SMS messaging and broadcasting
  • “Always on” internet access
  • Multimedia messaging service (MMS)
  • Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC)
  • Instant messaging and presence—wireless village
  • Internet applications for smart devices through wireless application protocol
  • Point-to-point (P2P) service: inter-networking with the Internet (IP)
  • Point-to-multipoint (P2M) service: point-to-multipoint multicast and point-to-multipoint group calls

There’s a significant difference between the working of GPS and GPRS tracking system as GPRS just need a single cell tower with an adequate signal in order to work efficiently while a GPS needs three or more satellites due to trilateration principles. Thus, GPRS is more suitable for working on cellular towers on land.


What is the difference between GPRS Vehicle Tracking and GPS Vehicle Tracking?

The difference between GPS and GPRS Vehicle tracking system cannot be ignored or presumed similar. It is pretty observable that there’s a difference of generation between these two things. And that difference is not just about their expansion or full form.

As we know that GPS stands for Global positioning system and works on the basic principles of trilateration. GPS is pretty much or more accurate than GPRS in terms of tracking objects but as it is believed that good quality things are generally expensive. We cannot claim that GPS tracking systems are economical.

The obvious reason for GPS being non-economical is the difference of quality and generation. GPS could even found lost things inside the Pacific Ocean while GPRS is bounded to towers on land. Thus, GPS generally have an upper hand over GPRS.

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GPRS is considered to be a third-generation move for accessing the internet. It can be used for making voice calls, access internet on-the-go so it is also called GSMIP (Global System Mobile communications Internet Protocol).

GPRS Vehicle Tracking is a bit different concept than GPS Vehicle tracking as it is capable of working with GPS System or on its own. A GPRS Vehicle tracking system is also capable of real-time GPRS vehicle tracking by determining its location information relevant to nearby GSM cell centres.

While information by GPS is capable of pinpoint accuracy, the GPRS component is responsible for the strength and flexibility of the system. GPRS allows for a much higher degree of suaveness in the data that is communicated between the two devices.

Why should you choose GPRS vehicle tracking system?

Apart from economical and suaveness perks, there’s a lot more to GPRS than we imagined. For instance, maintaining an operation of the fleet of the vehicles is a challenging business task. Thus, GPRS is as efficient as GPS in such cases as they are more cost-efficient than GPS systems.

The added benefit of GPRS tracking system is that the basis of GPRS in older 2G technology makes it flexible. When bandwidth capabilities are increased, the GPRS vehicle tracking system becomes highly adaptable as they can support the first “dart” of mobile internet services and also the newer one with more advanced features.

Vehicle tracking systems are increasingly being deployed by transporters to cut costs and ensure faster movement. Thus, there are various applications of GPRS tracking systems which could never be neglected in our daily life like- Searching and protecting the lost children, mentally handicapped elders, for vehicle fleet management and for positioning and protecting of objects.

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For a two-way system of communication between the carriers and drivers and also the ability to track location information and vital vehicle statistics in real time then, GPRS would be the best choice for you.

Will GPRS functionality substantially increase the expense of the system?

Even though there’s a notion that GPS is a much better choice than GPRS systems but people are surprised to find that not only GPRS system pay for itself but also enhances the efficiency of business operations and create a much better significance.

The specific straightforward cost varies from system to system and the best way out for a cost-effective system will be calling a live view GPS professional today for your business.

In terms of economic and efficiency factors, GPRS dominates against GPS as it needs only a cell tower with a good signal strength to work properly unlike GPS. Also, the communication channels are shared in GPRS and the vehicle tracking system only uses the data services when data is being transmitted. That’s why GPRS is much more economical and doesn’t increase the expense of the system.

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GPRS, a most commonly used wireless data service which is nearly available for every GSM (Global SIM for Mobile Communication) or Cellular networks. These networks are utilized by GPRS Vehicle Tracking device to communicate information through the internet.
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