Geofence is a user defined virtual boundary created on map about a stored point of defined radius or predefined set of boundries. Geofence is used for geofencing the areas of interest such as safe or danger areas etc.

The geofence is then paired with a hardware/software application that responds to the boundary in some fashion as dictated by the parameters of the program.

Geofencing by SAM

Geofencing by SAM

Earlier geofencing is used by livestock industries wherein a handful of cattle in a herd would be equipped with GPS units and if the herd moved outside of geographic boundaries (the geofence) set by the rancher then the rancher would receive an alert.

Similar system were deployed to monitor company vehicle fleets wherein if a company vehicle left the zone it was assigned to managers at the company would be notified.

Application Of Geofencing

  1. Child location – Parents can know about their child’s location where he/she has arrived school or not. The moment child enters/exits those areas parents will receive or push notification or SMS on their smartphones.
  2. Telematics – It allows user to draw areas of interest such as area of work, office, college,  Home, customer’s sites, danger areas. Whenever driver crosses these areas owner will receive a notification.
  3. Monitor employees – Corporate offices can monitor or keep track of their employees location and can also make a GPS based attendance system by defining geofence around office location. 
  1. Anti-theft solution – Geofence is popularly used as an antitheft solution for vehicle. Whenever vehicles crosses a defined areas owner will receive a theft alert.
  1. Marketing – Marketers use geofence in retail store to send promotional messages to the customers who visits the store.

How can I safeguard my vehicles ?

SAM GPS Security system is India’s popular GPS tracking brand these days. Build quality of their device they install is best in the industry and there app is also designed and developed by top designers and coders in industry. The app is very user friendly and even a small kid can understand that app in seconds.

Geofencing For Bike

Geofencing For Bike

There server are working on cutting edge cloud technologies so that you can get smooth experience in app. The refresh or update rate of vehicle’s location is best in class. You can your vehicle moving anytime from anywhere.

Sam GPS security is known for its best Onsite support where there expert technician installs the device at their doorsteps.  It also shows the top 5 stoppages of the day so you can see where you vehicle was whole day and where it has wasted time.

You can buy this on Amazon at affordable prices. Sam GPS security system is suitable for both your family and business needs. You can keep track on your driver and analyse there daily/weekly/monthly performance.

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Geofence – One of the most popular feature of Sam GPS trackers app is to set geofences. You can define geofence of radius upto 2kms around a centre point with help of intuitive user friendly app. You can also edit or delete these geofences anytime just like any alarm system in a smart phone. Wherever vehicle enters or exits these areas you will receive a push notification on your smart phone. 

Other features – 

1. GPS tracking – Live track your vehicle on Mobile app and be aware of its Location.
2. Daily History – Watch full day driving history and key driving points such as stoppages in just 20 secs.
3. Analyse Performance –  Analyse travel daily / weekly / monthly history with the help of Smart analytics graphs (Total distance, Run time, idle time, max speed, average speed, stoppage time)
4. Engine access – Switch on / off your vehicle’s engine with one finger swipe.
5. Alerts – Get alerts in case of over-speed of vehicle.



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